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GM: Rob

Date: 2015

Campaign name: Primal Gods
Starting year
Realistic or cinematic?
Are there multiple planes of existence?
General theme of campaign

Campaign Background
Campaign’s base city, nation, empire, or planet: (Suggestion: provide a map.)
Society/government type
Control Rating
Exceptions to general CR
Tech level:
Exceptions to general TL
Brief description of important neighboring powers, political/economic situation, etc.:

Suggested or required reading for players:

Information for PCs

Starting point value allowed for PCs:

Disadvantage limit:

Especially useful/useless character types: (Suggestion: provide character templates.)

Especially appropriate/inappropriate professions: (Suggestion: provide job descriptions.)

PC races allowed: (Suggestion: provide racial templates.)

Starting wealth:

Starting Wealth levels allowed:

Starting Status levels allowed:

Starting TLs allowed:

Languages available:

Cultural Familiarities available:

Required advantages, disadvantages, and skills:

Especially appropriate or inappropriate advantages, disadvantages, and skills:

Appropriate Patrons (and base value):

Appropriate Enemies (and base value):

Special Abilities Allowed for PCs
Exotic/supernatural traits:

Cinematic skills:

Are PC mages allowed?

General mana level:

Do areas of higher/lower mana exist?

Are any of the spells from Chapter 5 off limits?

Are PC psis allowed?

Are any of the powers from Chapter 6 off limits?

Are PC gadgeteers allowed?

Are there special limits on gadgeteering?

Unusual Background cost(s) for these abilities:

Legal or social restrictions on these abilities:

Other Notes

Book 1 optional rules or variants (advantages, disadvantages, skills, etc.):

Book 2 optional rules or variants (success rolls, combat, injury, etc.):

Campaign Planning Form

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