Primal Gods

The players take the part of celestial beings – angels and demons – as they struggle for control of humanity and themselves. The celestials, powerful though they may be, are merely pawns in a much larger game being played by their Superiors, the Archangels and Demon Princes. The game is expansive, drawing on a number of timelines.

Here is the information from the Campaign Planning Form from the GURPS Basic Set, which I will fill in gradually:


GM: Rob

Date: 04 Sep 09

Campaign name: Primal Gods

Starting year: 16,000,000,000 BC, before the creation of the universe.

Rate game time passes: In the beginning, the passage of time has less meaning for the characters. For instance, each "day" could be the equivalent of millions, or billions of years of human time. Later on, time passes in a more conventional way.

Genre: Adventure, Action, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror

Realistic or cinematic?

Are there multiple planes of existence?

General theme of campaign:

Campaign Background

Campaign's base city, nation, empire, or planet: (Suggestion: provide a map.)

Society/government type:

Control Rating:
Exceptions to general CR:

Tech level:
Exceptions to general TL:

Brief description of important neighboring powers, political/economic situation, etc.:

Suggested or required reading for players:

Information for PCs

Starting point value allowed for PCs:

Disadvantage limit:

Especially useful/useless character types: (Suggestion: provide character templates.)

Especially appropriate/inappropriate professions: (Suggestion: provide job descriptions.)

PC races allowed: (Suggestion: provide racial templates.)

Starting wealth:

Starting Wealth levels allowed:

Starting Status levels allowed:

Starting TLs allowed:

Languages available:

Cultural Familiarities available:

Required advantages, disadvantages, and skills:

Especially appropriate or inappropriate advantages, disadvantages, and skills:

Appropriate Patrons (and base value):

Appropriate Enemies (and base value):

Special Abilities Allowed for PCs

  • Exotic/supernatural traits:

  • Cinematic skills:

  • Are PC mages allowed?

General mana level:

Do areas of higher/lower mana exist?

Are any of the spells from Chapter 5 off limits?

  • Are PC psis allowed?

Are any of the powers from Chapter 6 off limits?

  • Are PC gadgeteers allowed?

Are there special limits on gadgeteering?

  • Unusual Background cost(s) for these abilities:

  • Legal or social restrictions on these abilities:

Other Notes

Book 1 optional rules or variants (advantages, disadvantages, skills, etc.):

Book 2 optional rules or variants (success rolls, combat, injury, etc.):

Primal Gods

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